A Zach Bryan Fan Was Unresponsive Following a Car Accident Until He Heard His Song ‘Revival’

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Music can serve as the perfect soundtrack to any number of milestone moments, from weddings and proposals to out-of-school summer freedom. But music’s heartening force also goes deeper. A South Carolina teenager who had been ejected from his vehicle during a serious car accident was revived after hearing a Zach Bryan song, according to a loved one who shared the tale on Facebook.

Following the accident, Trae Ocheltree, 17, was in the hospital for two days and was unresponsive, until one of his friends — who knew Ocheltree is a massive Zach Bryan fan — played Bryan’s song “Revival,” which was featured on the artist’s 2020 album, Elisabeth. Upon hearing the track, Ocheltree squeezed his friend’s hand and began attempting to mouth the words to the song.

By June 4, Ocheltree’s recovery had continued to the point where he was able to attempt to play guitar, on a guitar gifted to him by the Christopher Conner Foundation in South Carolina. Ocheltree began playing Bryan’s new song “Pink Skies” while still in his hospital bed.

Ocheltree’s mother stated in a Facebook post on June 4, “Tonight, his AMAZING friend who does an INCREDIBLE job with him helped him relearn some guitar. He played it a little by himself last night and this morning and the progression is amazing. Tonight was the first time he sang… Even when he couldn’t talk he would mumble the words of this song…”

Ocheltree was recently transferred to a location in Atlanta to continue his rehabilitation and recovery following the accident.

Billboard has reached out to Bryan’s team for comment.