Zebra Charge only cradle, 5-slot

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Zebra Charge only cradle, 5-slot

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ISO 9001:2015 / SR EN ISO 9001:2015

 Will charge up to five TC5x units.

- Will charge battery in TC5x from 0-90% in as little as 2.5 hours

- Does not charge spare batteries

- Compatible with TC5x units with hand strap, Rugged Boot, or Pistol Grip Handle attached.

- Includes cradle insert/shim that requires removal when using a TC5x unit with the Rugged Boot/Exoskeleton or Pistol Grip Handle attached.

- Can be racked/ mounted in a standard 19 inch rack system via the mounting accessory (BRKT-SCRDSMRK-01)

- Connects to rugged charge connector on bottom of TC5x.

Zebra EVM

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