Apple redesigned the Photos app in iOS 18 to intelligently organize your memories

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Apple’s iOS 18 update will have major changes for the Photos app. The company previewed a redesigned version of the app, that will organize all your photos around memorable moments like trips and events.

The company described the changes as the “biggest-ever” update for Photos. The new version of the app will ditch the current tabbed layout for Photos in favor of a single screen where you can view all your photos, albums and memories in one place. The familiar grid view of all your images will live at the top of the app, with intelligently organized “collections” below.There’s also a new filter button so you can look for specific types of pictures or easily weed out screenshots.

Apple is also making the app smarter with its new collections, which will sort your photos into album-like views based things like on recent trips and the people you spend the most time with. The app is also more customizable with the ability to pin albums to a dedicated section of the app.


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