Beaches and More Beaches

RMAG news

This is a submission for [Frontend Challenge v24.04.17]((, Glam Up My Markup: Beaches

What I Built

I built a sort of minimal modern website. I hoped to free up space and condense it down into a small carousel to make it easier to navigate. I also wanted the gradients to feel like sunsets, as when most people think of beaches, sunsets go along with them.



In the beginning I played around with what HTML was given, and planned out what I sort of wanted it to look like. I focused on the CSS for most of the challenge, but used a little JavaScript to add a little bit of styling to the HTML elements without editing it. During this process I learnt a lot about clipping masks and radial gradients in the CSS, as that was something I had never done. I am proud of the header looking like a sunset to a beach. I hope to take these skills and apply them to upcoming projects, and revise current ongoing ones.

I hope you like what I have made for the June DEV Frontend Challenge!