Children’s addresses leaked in UK cyber attack

Children’s addresses leaked in UK cyber attack

A United Kingdom school has been severely impacted by a cyber attack, resulting in the leak of children’s personal information.

The compromised data left the Billericay School unable to open its doors. The institution couldn’t “safely and effectively” operate in the wake of the data breach. The school’s 1700 pupils will be unable to access the premises until the issues are resolved.

UK school hit with cyber attack

The school’s Headteacher, Patrick Berry, contacted parents via letter detailing the severity and the lingering concerns that needed to be addressed.

Mr Berry reassured parents that the school had diligently implemented all necessary security measures, including industry-standard firewalls, firmware, and malware security. However, despite these precautions, the attack managed to compromise the entire school IT system, rendering it inaccessible due to complex encryption.

Criminals would have gained access to sensitive information through fraudulent digital activity. This could include home addresses, medical notes, and children’s names, so the school is taking every precaution.

The IT Team at the school is now working hard to resolve the systematic issues that have been compromised. However, the school cannot function “safely and effectively,” according to the correspondence sent out to concerned parents.

The school is attempting to rally with staff and teachers to make alternative preparations for teaching children without access to the resources stored on the now compromised school system.

Mr Berry concluded saying “Whilst I appreciate the additional strain this will place upon families, we must be sure that the school can operate safely and effectively in the wake of this significant critical incident. I will write to you again next week to share with you an update on this incident.”

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