China’s new Sora rival is here

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Introduction: Chinese tech firm Kuaishou just introduced KLING, a new text-to-video AI model capable of generating high-quality videos up to 2 minutes long with outputs that appear to rival OpenAI’s still-unreleased Sora.

The details:

KLING can produce videos at 1080p resolution with a maximum length of 2 minutes, surpassing the 1-minute Sora videos demoed by OpenAI.

KLING’s demos include realistic outputs like a man eating noodles and scenic shots, as well as surreal clips like animals in clothes.

The model uses a 3D space-time attention system to simulate complex motion and physical interactions that better mimic the real world.

The model is currently available to Chinese-based users as a public demo on the KWAI iOS app.

Why it matters: These generations are even more mind-blowing when you consider that Will Smith’s spaghetti-eating abomination was barely a year ago. With users still anxiously waiting for the public release of Sora, other competitors are stepping in — and the AI video landscape looks like it’s about to heat up in a major way.