Clock App

Clock App

Clock App with Multiple Functionalities – An Overview

If you’re looking for a versatile clock application with a range of built-in features, look no further than the Clock App repository by Sudhanshu Ambastha. This app comes packed with functionalities like a stopwatch, alarm, world clock, and timer to cater to your time management needs effectively. I drew inspiration from the mobile version but made some updates to adapt it to laptop screens and other specifications.


Stopwatch: Measure time intervals with precision.

Alarm: Set alarms for specific times.

World Clock: Stay updated with the current time in cities around the world.

Timer: Set countdown timers for your activities and tasks.


You can try out a live preview in the repo as a GIF has been added as a preview.

How to Use

Clone the repository to your local machine.

Open the index.html file in a web browser.

Navigate through different clock functionalities using the tabs.

Set alarms, start timers, and explore other features as required.


You can contribute to this project by:

Submitting pull requests

Opening issues for bugs or feature requests

I am also attempting to add a countdown timer animation as an SVG, akin to the one present in the real clock app, but I have yet to succeed in this endeavor.

Deployed Clock Model

Experience the functionalities firsthand by exploring the deployed clock model.

Let’s make time management more efficient and easier with this Clock App! 🌟

This post was created to highlight the Clock application with its various functionalities. For more details and to contribute, visit the Clock repository.