Crash K-Drama Episode 6 Trailer: Is Lee Min-Ki a Killer?

Crash K-Drama Episode 6 Trailer: Is Lee Min-Ki a Killer?

Lee Min-Ki from Crash K-Drama (Photo Credit: ENA)

ENA recently released the Crash K-drama episode 6 trailer ahead of its premiere. Starring Lee Min-Ki as Cha Yeon-Ho and Kwak Sun-Young as Min So-Hee, the series tells the story of a traffic crime investigation team (TCI) solving complicated cases related to traffic crimes.

In the previous episode, the TCI team, including Yeon-Ha and So-Hee, investigated a car theft case. It became complicated after they learned that the culprit had killed someone earlier in a hit-and-run case. Later, Yeon-Ha also pointed out that their case might be related to the crime investigation team’s rape case.

The trailer for the upcoming episode 6 focuses on a road accident case involving Yeon-Ha. He may lose his job because of the past incident where he may have killed a woman.

Watch the trailer here:

Crash K-drama episode 6 trailer teases Lee Min-Ki being interrogated for a road accident case

The Crash K-drama episode 6 begins with Yeon-Ho in an investigation room. One of the detectives asks, “You saw a psychiatrist for a long time after the accident.” Meanwhile, one of the people related to the past incident makes a snarky comment about Yeon-Ha being a cop.

The TCI’s team superior remarks that the management wants to expel Yeon-Ho from his job. On the other hand, the team also investigates their car theft case. In episode 5, Yeon-Ho pointed out that the car burglar might be a serial rapist. In the upcoming episode’s trailer, the team is shocked to learn that the crime branch states that the two cases are unrelated.

So-Hee and Yeon-Ho still feel that the culprits in both cases are the same. He wonders, “How did the culprit find the victims’ personal information?” Meanwhile, So-Hee claims, “The pattern is the same as Seo Yu-Jung’s case [from episode 5].”

Also, So-Hee seems furious at Major Crime Division Head Lee Tae-Joo for lying to her. She asks, “Why did you lie? Didn’t you think that your greed could result in another victim?”

Towards the end of the trailer, Yeon-Ho mentions that he has always been ready for the day when his past may affect his job. While he narrates it may be his last cast, Yeon-Ho chases the culprit, showcasing his action skills.

Episode 6 of the Crash Korean drama will air on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 10:00 p.m. KST on ENA. It also streams on Disney Plus. The synopsis of the show reads, “The team no one pays attention to, Traffic Crime Investigation, chases after the crimes of the roads and jumps through many hurdles.”

Crash K-drama episode 5 recap & spoilers: Lee Min-Ki upsets Kwak Sun-Young

Lee Min-Ki’s Crash K-drama episode 5 begins with Yeon-Ho and So-Hee driving together. He asks her who the person he just met is. She says he is Deputy Commission Pyo Myung-Hak and learns that Yeon-So has met him in the past. 

While Yeon-So doesn’t reveal how and where he met Myung-Hak, a flashback shows Yeon-So at a police station. At the time, Myung-Hak was an inspector who handled Yeon-So’s road accident case. Viewers have been getting glimpses of Yeon-So’s past incident since he received an envelope in which an article pointed out the night when a woman died.

Episode 5 further shows that So-Hee and Yeon-Ho are investigating the car burglar’s case. They approach an elderly man who confesses that he ran over a man but didn’t call the cops. Although the man was already dead, the driver was guilty because he hid the incident. Later, the TCI team discovers the real culprit.

For reference, So-Hee and Yeon-Ho arrive at the crime division to fetch a few files and bump into Tae-Joo. Later, Yeon-Ho learns that they used to date, but they broke up because Tae-Joo jeopardized her investigation for greed. Meanwhile, So-Hee teaches Yeon-Ho self-defense, which he attempts to use while chasing the criminal. Sadly, the culprit runs away, leaving Yeon-Ho injured.

At the crime division, Yeon-Ho and So-Hee present their case as the car burglar attempts to rape a woman. Without consulting So-Hee, Yeon-Ho suggests to the crime team that he thinks the TCI team and the crime division’s cases are related. He insists that their car burglar is the serial rapist. Tae-Joo looks surprised but avoids any further discussion. Meanwhile, So-Hee becomes upset with Yeon-Ho. Disappointed, So-Hee tells Yeon-Ho that he should have informed her beforehand.

On the other hand, Myung-Hak receives an envelope with the same article about a woman’s death. Furthermore, his son, Pro Jong-Uk, meets a friend and threatens him for bringing up the past incident. The friend claims he has not sent the envelope and taunts that the woman died because of Jong-Uk.

Towards the end of the episode, So-Hee sends a notice to Yeon-Ho. It reads, “How can a murderer become a police officer?”

To watch what happens next in Crash, tune in to ENA and Disney Plus every Monday and Tuesday.

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