Day 964 : Energy Boost

Day 964 : Energy Boost

liner notes:

Professional : Had a couple of meetings. Responded to community questions. Rest of the day, I worked on the library I published yesterday and got it working in a demo application. Pretty good day.

Personal : Last night, I went through some tracks for the radio show. Worked on my side project. Didn’t get much done. CSS was kicking my butt! haha I’m almost there. Trying to get the selection of an element previous to the active one. Got tired and went to sleep.

Don’t know what it is. Think I’m sick. Got a sore thought and bad cough every once in a while and just been super tired after work. Been getting started on my side project later than normal. I did set up my new AR glasses so that’s pretty cool. There’s some more apps I want to download to test some things out, but so far so good. I’m tired! Need an energy boost. Going to go through some tracks on Bandcamp to purchase. Work on the radio show. See if I can get this CSS worked out. I think I’m so close. I’m learning a lot though. Then call it a night.

Have a great night!

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