Defending the Script Length Rule in vue-mess-detector

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Hey everyone,

I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback on vue-mess-detector, particularly concerning the rule for script length. I understand this rule is a bit controversial, but I wanted to take a moment to explain why I believe it’s not just valid, but essential for writing maintainable code.

Why Script Length Matters

Readability: Long scripts can be difficult to navigate. When scripts are too lengthy, it becomes harder to find specific pieces of code, understand their context, and figure out how different parts interact. Keeping scripts shorter enhances readability and makes life easier for developers, especially those who are new to the project.

Maintainability: A shorter script is easier to maintain. Changes are less likely to introduce bugs when the codebase is segmented into smaller, more manageable chunks. This is especially important for large projects where multiple developers might be working on different parts of the same file.

Testing: Smaller scripts are easier to test. When functions and components are more concise, unit tests can be more targeted and effective. This leads to more reliable code and a smoother development process.

Separation of Concerns: Enforcing a script length limit encourages developers to break their code into smaller, more focused modules. This aligns with the principle of separation of concerns, making the codebase more modular and reusable. For me this is the main reason.

Addressing the Controversy

I understand that some developers feel restricted by this rule. It can seem like an unnecessary limitation, especially when dealing with complex features that naturally require more lines of code. However, I believe that this rule pushes us to think critically about our code structure and encourages best practices in software development.

Rather than viewing the script length rule as a constraint, I see it as a guideline that promotes better coding habits. It’s about finding the balance between flexibility and structure, ensuring that our projects remain clean, efficient, and easy to work with over time.


While the script length rule in vue-mess-detector might spark debate, I stand by its validity. It’s a tool designed to foster maintainable and readable code, which ultimately benefits all developers involved in a project.

I’m always open to feedback and discussions, so feel free to share your thoughts on this. Let’s keep improving our code together!

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