Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch Classic 6 for $70 off now at Amazon

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch Classic 6 for $70 off now at Amazon

SAVE 18%: Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43mm) for just $329.99 at Amazon, marked down from the normal price of $399.99. That’s a savings of $70.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43mm)
at Amazon

Save $70.00

Want to buy a new smartwatch but don’t want an Apple Watch or a Google Pixel Watch? Why not try what Samsung has been cooking up? Right now, you can save big on a feature-rich Samsung smartwatch over at Amazon, which is on sale now for a great price.

As of June 6, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43 mm) is down to $329.99 at Amazon. That’s a savings of $70 and a discount of 18%. This price only applies to the black colorway right now, so if you want a different one, you’ll need to pony up some more cash.

This model is much more similar-looking to a regular watch. You can use the rotating watch face to navigate your selection of apps, but otherwise it’s not as easily identifiable as a smartwatch if that’s something that matters to you. It does have plenty of the options you’d expect from one though, like heart rate tracking, sleep coaching, and heart rhythm scans.

Of course, it can also sync up with your other Samsung Galaxy devices and act like a regular smartwatch with communication capabilities. You can call, text, and all the other important things you’d expect from a smartwatch. So if you want a heavy-duty watch that’s perfect for Android users, you can find it here with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Snag one while it’s at a discounted price.