High School Return of a Gangster K-Drama: Who Is Joo Yoon-Chan?

High School Return of a Gangster K-Drama: Who Is Joo Yoon-Chan?

Joo Yoon-Chan in High School Return of a Gangster (Photo Credit: Viu)

Joo Yoon-Chan is a 20-year-old South Korean actor who has been getting attention since joining the cast of the popular ongoing K-drama High School Return of a Gangster. The actor is a newcomer in the K-drama industry and is currently under Wells Entertainment. 

He portrays a significant supporting character named Hong Jae-Min in the TVING coming-of-age fantasy drama series. Joo Yoon-Chan’s character, Hong Jae-Min, is a student at Han Song High School. He is also in the same class as the two lead characters of the series, Song Yi-Heon and Choi Se-Kyung. 

Who is Joo Yoon-Chan on High School Return of a Gangster?

As mentioned earlier, the South Korean actor Joo Yoon-Chan plays the pivotal role of Hong Jae-Min in the High School Return of a Gangster. Represented by Wells Entertainment, the actor’s official Instagram account has 89.5K followers as of now. Viewers can check out and follow him on Instagram here.

The character is a high school student and a classmate of Choi Se-Kyung and Song Yi-Heon, the two main characters. All of Us Are Dead actor Yoon Chan-Young plays the role of Song Yi-Heon, while Twinkling Watermelon actor Bong Jae-Hyun portrays Choi Se-Kyung.

Hong Jae-Min does not belong to a well-to-do family and is also not serious about his studies. He spends most of his school hours loitering around with his group. It includes Jang Byung-Chul (Lee Jeong-Han), Yoon Jin-Hyun (Park Kyoung-Ho), Park Do-Jin (Choi Min-Suk), and Park Dong-Gyu (Park Woo-Young).

Joo Yoon-Chan’s Hong Jae Min has been a school bully. He and his group ruthlessly bullied Son Yi-Heon before Kim Deuk-Pal’s spirit entered Yi-Heon’s body. They have also initiated serious physical violence against Song Yi-Heon. Later on, the group received punishment from Deuk-Pal’s spirit for torturing and bullying Yi-Heon. Jae-Min has started to have a change of heart and has realized his mistake. However, whether he will change for good is yet to be revealed in the K-drama.

Viewers can watch High School Return of a Gangster on Wavve and TVING.

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