How To Be in a MrBeast Video & Apply Online

How To Be in a MrBeast Video & Apply Online

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Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his YouTuber name MrBeast, has put out several open casting calls for his upcoming videos. One major project currently called Beast Games will reward the winner with a cash prize of $5 million. Beast Games is claimed to be a streaming show, which will be the biggest game show in the history of television. So let’s find out how exactly you can become part of a MrBeast video.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to apply online to be part of upcoming MrBeast videos.

How to apply and be in a MrBeast video

On May 6, the MrBeast Casting social media account posted about the open casting call for Beast Games. The post mentioned a website that would further provide detailed instructions for the application process. The website mentions the requirements and rules that an applicant needs to follow to be eligible. This casting call is for anyone over the age of 18, with a few other conditions regarding visas, passports, and other travel documents.

Around two weeks later, the X (formerly Twitter) account of MrBeast Casting also posted about another big video coming up that they require participants for. The post contained a link to a Google Form consisting of an application to be a participant. Even though they prefer applicants from North Carolina for this one, people from all around the globe can apply.

Hey! The MrBeast team has a big video coming up and we need lots of people to compete in it. Preferably people that live in NC that way travel is easier but global people are welcomed as well!
Apply here —>

— MrBeast Casting (@castingmrbeast) May 22, 2023

Additionally, in a reply to the X post MrBeast himself added, “We’ll also be pulling from this database in future big videos like squid games! Good luck everyone.” This clearly means that anyone can try their luck to appear in a MrBeast video through an application using the Google Forms provided. The links to the various forms are available in the bios of the MrBeast Casting Instagram and X accounts.

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