Jack Black Reacts To Aussie Schoolkids Performing 'School Of Rock'

Jack Black Reacts To Aussie Schoolkids Performing 'School Of Rock'

Jack Black has responded to the pleas of students at Ringwood Secondary College after “a good bunch” of the performers and crew of their stage production of School Of Rock begged for his appearance at their rehearsals.

Not only did Jack Black watch their energetic video pleading for his presence at the School Of Rock rehearsals—which coincide with Tenacious D’s upcoming tour of Australia next month—but the rockstar/actor won’t be able to make it. Black let the students down easy but reminded them that they rock.

Students at Ringwood Secondary College in Melbourne’s east will host performances based on the 2004 hit film between 8 and 17 August. More information about the event can be found here.

Acknowledging the students’ video, Jack Black said in a video of his own: “Oh, my God. Ringwood Secondary College, are you kidding me? You’re doing School Of Rock? I love it. So touched, oh my God.

“So moved by your video and the fact that you’re going to rock,” he continued, before adding that School Of Rock remains his favourite movie he’s ever done, 20 years after its original release.

Letting down the students easy, Black said, “I wish I could come see it, but unfortunately, I’m going to be rocking,” before bursting into song: “But I just wanted to remind you that there’s no way you can stop the School Of Rock!

“Yeah! Get it!”

You can watch Jack Black’s video and the video he responded to by Ringwood Secondary College below.

Tenacious D will return to Australia this July for their first concerts down under in ten years. The demand has led to multiple sold-out shows and an extra (and final) show in Sydney. Final tickets are on sale now via Frontier Touring.

Announced in February, the official tour news arrived just days after Frontier Touring, the tour promoters, hinted at a 2024 Tenacious D Australian tour.

The tour promoters teased a tour announcement featuring an animated meatball bounding toward a man wearing a hat. The caption, “The greatest and best band in the world…” referencing the band’s beloved 2006 single Tribute

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