Jai Ganesh OTT Platform & Release Date Revealed?

Jai Ganesh OTT Platform & Release Date Revealed?

Unni Mukundan in Jai Ganesh (Photo Credit: Unni Mukundan Films)

After captivating audiences in theaters, Unni Mukudan’s Jai Ganesh is now gearing up for its digital release. Recently, the lead actor confirmed the film’s digital release, sparking a massive buzz among audiences who missed its theatrical run.

Directed by Ranjith Sankar, the film made its theatrical debut on April 11, 2024. While the movie received mixed reviews from the audience, it earned a significant amount at the box office. Alongside Mukundan, the film features Ashokan, Jomol, Ravindra Vijay, Hareesh Peradi, and Mahima Nambiar in pivotal roles.

The film revolves around Ganesh, a graphic artist who faces unexpected challenges after his friend is abducted. Despite being paralyzed below the waist due to an accident, Ganesh embarks on a mission to catch the anonymous individual responsible for the abduction.

Where will Unni Mukundan’s Jai Ganesh stream?

Announcing Jai Ganesh’s digital release, the actor took to Instagram, writing, “Enjoy #JaiGanesh at the comfort of your home with friends and families! Coming soon.” According to the shared photo, the Manorama platform has secured the satellite and digital rights for the Malayalam language. However, the actor didn’t reveal an exact release date, adding further anticipation to its digital release.

Following the general trend in South cinema, makers typically release the movie’s digital version 45-60 days after its theatrical release. Therefore, audiences will have to wait a while after its theatrical run to experience its digital release.

Discussing the film’s plot, the director revealed, “Jai Ganesh has a simple story even though the narrative is a bit complex. It’s complex because of the protagonist. He’s wheelchair-bound so his activities are limited. The only thing you can make with such a character is a movie like Beautiful. But this film has the character doing a lot of things that even normal people don’t. It’s not like he’s an acrobat or has a special talent. But he does those things because of his passion, drive, and purpose.”

With no digital release date announced, audiences will have to wait to see when the platform will reveal the digital release date.

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