Jake Paul says ‘one of my greatest accomplishments’ goes ‘overlooked’

Jake Paul says ‘one of my greatest accomplishments’ goes ‘overlooked’

It seems like there is no in-between with Jake Paul – you either love him or hate him.

Paul grew up in Cleveland and hit the big time with the since-defunct app, Vine, which he parlayed into a YouTube and Disney career.

But throughout his career, he’s been subject to controversy, and many believe his boxing career is a gimmicky publicity stunt.


He’s certainly a character and knows how to make a story, but he also knows how to help out his community.

He became a professional boxer in 2020, and a year later, he founded Boxing Bullies. Its mission is “to instill self-confidence, leadership, and courage within the youth through the sport of boxing while using our platform, voice, and social media to fight back against bullying.”

“It’s definitely one of my greatest accomplishments, for sure,” Paul said in a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

The website says it has raised more than $400,000 since its inception, with 450-plus pairs of gloves donated and five renovations to gyms underway.

“It’s definitely surreal. The organization has grown even more than I thought it would within that time frame. So many partnerships and doors have opened. We’ve open so many gyms, and it’s done so much for local communities, and just continuing to grow it and do more and more,” Paul added.

But Paul has noticed that people gravitate more toward his aforementioned controversies, not the positive he’s brought to the community.

“I think it goes overlooked, which I understand. People want to talk about knocking people out and all the other stuff. They don’t love philanthropy or covering it. Drama and stuff sells more, but it is what it is.

“Even if you’re a consumer, and you’re scrolling on the internet. Naturally, … that’s not what the human brain gravitates toward, I guess.”

Paul is set to fight Mike Tyson at AT&T Stadium on Nov. 15; it was originally slated for July 20, but Tyson suffered an ulcer flare-up on a flight, forcing the fight to be postponed.

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