Kendrick Lamar Gets Trolled by TDE President Over Chanel Photo Shoot: ‘I Think I’m Cute on There’

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Top Dawg Entertainment president Terrence “Punch” Henderson shared a text conversation with Kendrick Lamar after trolling him over his Chanel photoshoot from January.

Punch came across a black-and-white picture of K. Dot from his designer fashion photoshoot on X earlier this week, and he playfully jabbed at Lamar and his feud with Drake by referring to him as a “Certified Loverboy.”

Punch couldn’t get enough of the photoshoot and took his banter directly to Kendrick and sent him a text asking for some background on the picture. “What you doing dawg,” he asked. The Compton legend replied with a handful of crying laughing emojis and added: “I think I’m cute on there man. I couldn’t resist.”

The Top Dawg Entertainment executive refused to let Kendrick off the hook that easy. “What you doing with these dreamy eyes n—a,” he continued. K. Dot couldn’t even muster up much of a response: “I’m crying dawg.”

Punch then asked for permission to post the hilarious exchange for the world to see. “Man you gotta let me post this dawg. I’m crying,” he wrote. Fans couldn’t get enough of the text message convo surrounding the Chanel shoot in his replies. One even tweaked lyrics from Lamar’s “Euphoria” Drake diss to fit the situation.

“Punch to Kendrick: Let me tell you I’m the biggest hater, I hate the way that you dress. I hate the way that your eyes look when u look away if I see you u better look at me direct,” a fan responded.

The photoshoot in question went down in January when Kendrick was shot by Malick Bodian for Chanel after attending the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

Lamar and his pgLang company were directly involved in the creative for curating the fashion show. He teased an unreleased song which scored a short film visual recapping the event.

Find the exchange between Kendrick and Punch below.

Certified Loverboy lol

— Punch TDE (@iamstillpunch) May 29, 2024

😂😂😂. Too funny man.

— Punch TDE (@iamstillpunch) May 29, 2024