Mad Max: Will There Be Another Movie Sequel After Furiosa & Fury Road?

Mad Max: Will There Be Another Movie Sequel After Furiosa & Fury Road?

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With the recent release of Furiosa, fans of the Mad Max franchise are curious if there will be another movie. Some are also wondering whether this would be a sequel to Furiosa or a sequel to 2015’s Fury Road. Ever since its inception in 1979, the post-apocalyptic action franchise has garnered great acclaim from critics and film fans in general.

So will the story of Mad Max’s world continue? Are there any more films planned? Here is everything that is currently known.

Will there be another Mad Max movie sequel after Furiosa and Fury Road?

There could be more Mad Max movies according to George Miller, who mentioned that “There’s certainly more stories there,” in a recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival press conference for Furiosa.

However, as per Deadline, he also mentioned that the box office success of Furiosa and positive audience reception were key factors in deciding whether another Mad Max sequel would be made, saying “I’ll definitely see how this goes.”

How many more Mad Max movies will there be?

There are reportedly two Mad Max movies in development.

One is Mad Max: The Wasteland, which is reportedly a prequel set before the events of Fury Road, which has been scripted, according to Deadline. As per Digital Spy, there is also another more mysterious movie that could be eyed for development, which could possibly cover what happens to Furiosa after the events of Fury Road.

However, neither of these movies has been confirmed as of writing. It is also currently unknown if Tom Hardy will reprise his role from Fury Road in The Wasteland, though the actor previously mentioned being contracted to do it and three more movies in a 2017 Collider interview.

ComingSoon will provide updates on any future official Mad Max announcements when they arrive.

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