Masina de spalat rufe Tesla WF71230M, A++, 7 kg

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Masina de spalat rufe Tesla WF71230M, A++, 7 kg1200RPM, Alb

IN STOC | 12 BUCATI LIVRARE in: 25.01.2021 - 01.02.2021

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in conformitate cu prevederile OUG 34/2014


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ISO 9001:2015 / SR EN ISO 9001:2015


Rated Power Supply V 220-240 V

Rated Frequency Hz 50 Hz

Rated Washing Capacity kg 7 Kg

Rated Spinning Capacity kg 7 Kg

Rated Power W 1950 W

Rated Current A 10 A

Power consumption left-on mode W 1,0 W

Power consumption off-mode W 0,5 W

Max. Spin Speed RPM 1200 RPM

Standard Water Pressure Mpa 0.05 ~ 1 Mpa

Display Type LED Light

Display Color Red

Door Lock PTC Lock

Motor Universal Motor

Plug type Euro Plug

Power cord length mm 1,5 M

Water Inlet Hose Length mm 1,0 M

Water Outlet Hose Length mm 1,6 M


Energy Efficiency Class A++

Washing Performance Class A

Spin-drying Effiency Class B

Wash Ratio 1,031

Moisture Ratio 53%

Annual energy consumption (AEC) kW·h/annum 197 kW·h/annum

Energy consumption (cotton 60ºC full load) kW·h/cycle 0,98 kW·h/cycle

Energy consumption (cotton 60ºC partial load) kW·h/cycle 0,85 kW·h/cycle

Energy consumption (cotton 40ºC partial load) kW·h/cycle 0,70 kW·h/cycle

Weighted annual water consumption (AWC) L/annum 10000 L/annum

Water consumption (cotton 60ºC full load) L/cycle 50 L/cycle

Water consumption (cotton 60ºC partial load) L/cycle 41 L/cycle

Water consumption (cotton 40ºC partial load) L/cycle 41 L/cycle

Average programm time (cotton 60ºC full load) min 230 min

Average programm time (cotton 60ºC partial load) min 215 min

Average programm time (cotton 40ºC partial load) min 210 min

Airborne washing acoustical noise emissions dB 59 dB

Airborne spinning acoustical noise emissions dB 76 dB


Washing Machine



Number Of Program 23


Volume Of Inner Tub L 45,5 L

Diameter Of Inner Tub mm 472 mm

Door Diameter mm 300 mm

Door Outer Frame Diameter (outer) mm 420 mm

Net Dimensions (W×D×H) mm 595 × 495 × 850

Gross Dimensions (W×D×H) mm 650 × 575 × 885

Net Weight kg 61 Kg

Gross Weight kg 65 Kg

Color White

Tesla WG

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