Master of the House Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Plot

Master of the House Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Plot

Credits: Netflix

Curious about the release date, trailer and cast of the upcoming Thai drama Master of the House? You have come to the right place as we have given below the answer to all your queries. This Thai series demands to make it to the watchlist of all Netflix fans this month, promising a gripping experience filled with glamour, power and greed.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Release date — when is Master of the House coming out?

Master of the House’s release date is Thursday, July 18, 2024.

Netflix has recently released information about the release date, story, cast and more about the Thai drama Master of the House. Fans can stream the show as soon as it arrives on the streaming platform on the date mentioned above.

Trailer — watch it now

You can watch the Master of the House trailer below:

The trailer sets the stage for this thrilling Thai drama, that showcases the internal conflicts of a family as the death of its patriarch raises question as to who inherits his diamond empire.

Cast — who is in Master of the House?

Master of the House’s cast includes:

Narilya Gulmongkolpech as Kaimook, the maid-turned-wife

Teerapong Leowrakwong as Roongroj, the pivotal tycoon

Chartayodom Hiranyasthiti as Phupat, the eldest son leading the family business

Thanavate Siriwattanagul as Mavin, the savvy younger son

Nusba Punnakanta as Padcha, Phupat’s wife

Claudia Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya as Araya, Mavin’s snobbish wife and former actress

Tassawan Saeneewong as Yupin, the head housemaid

Plot – what’s the story about?

Directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul, Master of the House promises a riveting drama that will explore the depths of human ambition and greed.

When a business tycoon marries Kaimook, a housemaid, it invites an unwelcoming shift into the family dynamics filled with power hungry members. Things turn worse when he suddenly dies, leaving his coveted seat open for grabs. What follows is a fiery power struggle within the family with all eyes on the Kaimook, the tycoon’s widow.

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