Mission: Impossible 8 Delay Rumors: Is the MI 8 Release Date Delayed?

Mission: Impossible 8 Delay Rumors: Is the MI 8 Release Date Delayed?

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Tom Cruise’s upcoming sequel Mission Impossible 8 reportedly has a huge budget. However, rumors of a delay that has been attributed to an accident could cause the production to be even more expensive than before. Has the blockbuster really been delayed?

Let’s dive into the incident and find out what really happened.

Are the Mission: Impossible 8 delay rumors true?

There is no official update from Paramount Pictures regarding Mission: Impossible 8’s release date being delayed.

According to Dexerto, an accident involving a submarine has caused the delay and added to the film’s price tag. This is an additional obstacle in the film’s production following the delay caused by the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Has the MI 8 release date been delayed?

Currently, there is no update on the Mission Impossible 8 delay or whether it will change the movie’s planned release date. However, as per The Mirror, it has been confirmed that a submarine has been used for some sequences in the film. Considering the importance that a submarine plays in the plot of the previous movie, and a hint that it will reappear in the sequel given in the final shot of Mission: Impossible 7, it’s highly likely that the submarine sequences for Mission: Impossible 8 will be crucial.

What was the submarine incident on Mission: Impossible 8’s set?

As per Dexerto’s report, the gimbal used to lower and lift the submarine buckled because the 120-foot submarine caused the gimbal to jam. Owing to this incident, the gimbal will need to undergo repairs. Therefore, shooting has halted and will not resume until the gimbal is in good working order.

According to Variety, the film is slated to release in May 2025. While the gimbal malfunction has reportedly caused a delay, it remains to be seen how the recent incident will impact the film’s scheduled release. The eighth film in the hugely popular franchise, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two may break records by becoming one of the most expensive films in history.

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