One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers & Manga Plot Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1116 Spoilers & Manga Plot Leaks

The spoilers for Chapter 1116 of One Piece are now available. Vegapunk continues talking about the Void Century and the Ancient Weapons. Here is a guide on the One Piece Chapter 1116 spoilers and manga plot leaks.

List of One Piece Chapter 1116 spoilers

The chapter shows more of the people’s reactions to Vegapunk talking about the war. They are wondering how the war is going to continue if the people in it have not been alive for over 800 years. Meanwhile, Imu looks at a painting of a woman who resembles Vivi.

There are also reactions from people in Alabasta regarding the poster saying that Vivi is wanted or missing. Vegapunk then says someone stole a part of the Mother Flame from him, using it to fuel one of the Ancient Weapons. 

Edison and Stussy are talking. York is surprised after finding out that Stussy knew about the stealing of the Mother Flame. She also realizes where Vegapunk kept the Den Den Mushi (Transponder Snail) and contacts the Gorosei (Five Elders).

Vegapunk continues by saying there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the Void Century and there’s one group who discovered all of these mysteries but they didn’t make a move or act upon it. This was Roger and his crew.

Meanwhile, at Shakky’s bar in Sabaody, Rayleigh is drunk. He’s saying he’s now an old man and old people like Vegapunk shouldn’t be ruining young people’s fun.

The spoilers reveal that the series will be on break next week.

More spoilers and the full summary should be available by tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates.

One Piece Chapter 1116 will be available in the United States on Sunday, June 2, at 11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT/8 a.m. PT.

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