Oshi no Ko Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers

Oshi no Ko Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers

Abiko in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 (Photo Credit: Doga Kobo)

Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 aired on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, on HIDIVE and Netflix. The episode was supposed to show the aftermath of the Tokyo Blade author Abiko’s dire reaction to the play. As such, the episode “Game of Telephone” explains why Abiko wants to change the script and highlights different aspects of organizing a stage play.

Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 begins with Abiko appreciating the actors but standing up to make an audacious request. The shy mangaka demands that the entire script be changed.

Although everyone is in shock, the episode shows a flashback before revealing the wake of Abiko’s demand. The flashback takes viewers to the day of the preliminary meeting with the Tokyo Blade actors, director, and producer.



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What happened in Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2?



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Kana is jealous of Aqua and Akane’s relationship

Aqua and Kana walk down the stairs and run into Melt Narushima. The encounter turns awkward when Kana fails to hide her disappointment with Melt’s participation in the play after his poor performance in Sweet Today.

However, Melt states he has studied for the upcoming play and asks Kana to let him know if his performance does not seem better. The scene shifts to Aqua, Kana, and Melt exchanging introductions with the play’s manager, director, scriptwriter, and producer.

Soon, everyone from the Lala Lai group, including Akane, is introduced. Akane and Kana immediately share an uncomfortable glance, establishing an unstated rivalry. Finally, the play’s protagonist, Taiki Himekawa, is awakened from his sleep, and he listlessly introduces himself.

Akane approaches Aqua and asks him to count on her since theater is her line of work. Kana and Melt watch them talking, and Kana seems jealous of their interaction. Melt comments that they are dating, but Kana immediately rejects the proposition, calling it a business matter.

Witnessing Kana’s transformed form, Melt inquires about her contrary attitude during Sweet Today’s production. Kana explained she had to maintain a good front on the set since she was the leader. However, she confirms her present attitude to be her real self.

Melt says that if she had been real with him from the beginning, he would have realized his flaws as an actor. However, he instantly dismisses this statement as an excuse and promises to do better in the play.

Oshi no Ko season 2 episode 2 ending spoilers




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Abiko wants to rewrite the script, GOA gets eliminated

The episode shifts focus to Abiko and Kichijouji dining out together. Abiko requests the fellow author to assist her with a rehearsal for her manga’s play adaptation. This is because Kichijouji is experienced with anime and drama adaptations.

Kichijouji accepts the invitation but recalls how things get chaotic when mangakas throw themselves into a drama adaptation’s production. Their meeting ends with Abiko brushing her teeth using two brushes at the restaurant, proving the rather peculiar nature of mangakas.

The episode returns to the present day when everyone panics over Abiko’s request, including Kichijouji, who has already seen it coming. The manager claims Abiko had already approved the script and reminds her that the play is supposed to go live in twenty days.

However, Abiko retaliates by telling him how she asked for a revision of the script many times only to be told to watch the rehearsal before demanding any changes. GOA apologizes for her disappointment with the script, but Abiko harshly scolds him for not grasping the original material.

Abiko meets with the organizer in a room where she fumes over the script. Meanwhile, the episode explains how a manga is adapted into a stage play.

There are various intermediaries between an author and a scriptwriter. Hence, the author’s request to make changes gets lost in translation till it reaches the scriptwriter.

Therefore, Abiko’s demands in the script were not properly received, leading to her outburst. She criticizes GOA while he eavesdrops on the conversation. Abiko asks to remove the scriptwriter and let her write the play, baffling the manager. She says she doesn’t want to be paid for scriptwriting, but GOA can be credited.

Akane takes Aqua to a theater date

An angry Abiko threatens to rescind her permission to conduct the play if she is not allowed to write the script. She is also ready to bear the monetary compensation in the case.

GOA states that there’s no winning for scriptwriters. They are easily replaced if the original creator is dissatisfied with their work, and the fans criticize them if the play does not suit their taste. However, the original creator is appreciated if the fans like the work.

Following Abiko’s meltdown, GOA asks the credits to remove his name as the scriptwriter. However, Raida explained how they have already announced that the staff and the posters have been released. GOA accepts the situation but gloomily sits in his room to reflect on the industry’s cruel treatment.

He states that he accommodated every request in the script, even late at night. Besides, he racked his brain to make proper changes, only to be accused of not grasping the project.

The following day, the director announces that rehearsals are on hold until the author’s team contacts them. To Akane’s surprise, Aqua is unaware of what a “Stage Around” play is. This, along with their spare time, prompts Akane to take Aqua on a theater date where he can learn about the nature of a Stage Around play.

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