Queer Jams of the Week: New Music from Tinashe, Lil Nas X, Omar Apollo & More

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Pride Month is nearly over, so be sure to spend this last weekend listening to some new tunes from your favorite queer artists. Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Tinashe’s stunning new single to Omar Apollo’s long-awaited new album, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

Tinashe, “Getting No Sleep”

Have you matched Tinashe’s freak yet? If not, don’t worry — according to her new song, you’ll have all night to do it. “Getting No Sleep,” the latest single off Tinashe’s forthcoming album Quantum Baby, takes a page out of the “Nasty” handbook , while still keeping things plenty fresh. Over a skittering beat and cool synth chords, Tinashe confidently lets her lover know that after a long work week, she’s ready to stay up ’til dawn with them. It’s might be a long night, but don’t worry, you’ll have Tinashe’s excellent new track to keep you company.

Lil Nas X, “Here We Go!”

No, it’s not the ’80s, Lil Nas X is just feeling a little nostalgic. With “Here We Go!,” the superstar’s new single for the upcoming Netflix movie Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, Lil Nas takes the vibe and voice of the original 1984 Eddie Murphy film — including a prominent sample of Harold Faltermeyer’s iconic “Axel F” — and translates them through his own unique point of view. Bringing all the swagger and bravado fans have come to expect, Lil Nas is ready to remind fans why they fell in love with him in the first place on this fun new track.

Omar Apollo, God Said No

Just two years after Omar Apollo stunned the world with his debut album Ivory, he’s ready to do it all over again — regardless of whether or not the powers that be would like him to. God Said No sees Apollo stretching the boundaries of his sound while diving deep into the process of moving on from a breakup. Over 14 tracks, the singer runs through the classic stages of grief (song titles like “Spite,” “Empty” and “Done With You” lend themselves pretty cleanly to anger, depression and acceptance) all while managing to refine his music even further.

Clairo, “Nomad”

Who else but Clairo could provide the emotionally devastating lyrics we’re all looking for in 2024? “Nomad” certainly wastes no time in cutting right to the point, as Clairo’s buttery voice floats in over a bed of acoustic harmonies singing about running away from someone who refuses to love her the way she deserves. With a building sense of urgency, the singer paints a picture of her life as an isolated traveler, laying on the heartache thick before coming down like a pile of bricks on her former flame: “I’d rather be alone than a stranger,” she calmly croons on the chorus.

Sophie feat. Kim Petras & BC Kingdom, “Reason Why”

It’s been just over three years since groundbreaking producer Sophie passed away — and now, fans are getting a final set of songs from her. Ahead of the release of the star’s posthumous self-titled album, Future Classic and Transgressive unveiled “Reason Why,” the late icon’s dance-pop collaboration with Kim Petras and BC Kingdom. Over an entrancing house beat, Petras and BC Kingdom offer their own hypnotic musings on personalized authenticity. All throughout the song, they offer a mesmirizing chat that will have you repeating words to yourself from then on: “In your mind, in your eye/ Take a little look inside,” they sing. “What’s your life, in your eyes/ And I know the reason why.”

Doechii, “Rocket”

Doechii’s too booked and busy to be bothered by her detractors. That’s the central theme of “Rocket,” the singer’s new track in partnership with Sprite Limelight, where the Florida rapper refuses to let herself get too pressed. Over a grooving beat crafted by Take a Daytrip, Doechii leans back and lets her haters know how much space they’re taking up in her head(spoiler, the answer is none at all). “Can’t be stressed, I’m relaxin’” she sings. “Can’t be pressed ’bout your actions.”

MUNA, Live at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles

For a group that proudly dubs themselves as The Greatest Band in the World, MUNA certainly lives up to the title with their new live album. Recorded during the first of their two sold-out shows at the iconic Greek Theater in Los Angeles in October 2023, Live at the Greek Theater captures the raw essence of a MUNA show — screaming fans, amped-up arrangements of the band’s biggest hits, and the trio performing at their absolute best. Whether you’ve seen MUNA live or not, Live at the Greek is about as faithful a recreation of the band’s energy in person as you’re going to find.

Towa Bird, American Hero

Listening to Towa Bird’s phenomenal debut album American Hero is a lot like listening to a soundtrack for the eldest members Gen Z. Across 13 rollicking tracks, Bird tackles the sickly-sweet taste of early romance (“Ew), the inevitable pain of a breakup (“Deep Cut”) and learning how to live your life as an independent person (“This Isn’t Me”). But what makes American Hero immediately stand out is the performer’s innate sense of musicality. In both her crystal-clear voice and her otherworldly guitar skills, Bird shows time and time again throughout this LP that she is the Real Deal — and she’s only going up from here.

Jake Wesley Rogers, “Loser”

There’s something infectious about Jake Wesley Rogers’ shimmering new single “Loser.” It’s hard to say what precisely it is about the track that works so efficiently when each of its parts manage to do exactly what you would hope, and then a little bit more. Rogers’ classically-trained voice certainly helps, as he sings about the bright and shining future for the currently disenfranchised; the 80s-inspired pop production also adds a sparkling sense of drama to the mix. Whatever it is about “Loser” that works so well isn’t nearly as important as the feeling you’ll get once the song reaches its moving, glorious climax.

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