Scottie Scheffler Responds to Video of Amateur Golfer Poking Fun at His Arrest

Scottie Scheffler Responds to Video of Amateur Golfer Poking Fun at His Arrest

A video made the rounds on social media on Monday of an amateur golfer pulling into the Wildwood Country Club in Louisville, Ky. in a car with a dummy dressed like a police officer attached to the window, which appeared to be getting dragged by the vehicle. All the while, the song “Bad Boys” blared from the car’s speakers.

The inspiration behind the elaborate parody was, of course, the infamous arrest of Scottie Scheffler back in May, when he was booked on four driving-related charges while attempting to get to the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville for the PGA Championship.

Speaking to reporters later on Tuesday ahead of the U.S. Open, Scheffler revealed that he’d been told about the video by Xander Schauffele, though he hadn’t personally seen it, and that he got a “pretty good kick out of it.”

Someone rolled up to the Member Guest with the Scottie Scheffler / Louisville PD setup.

Honestly, I’m not a funny golf vid guy. Usually the jokes aren’t that funny or they are at someone’s expense. Or dangerous.

I can’t lie, I laughed out loud.

A+ gag. Buy the man a beer.…

Scheffler addressed the arrest over the weekend with reporters and admitted that it was a “fairly traumatic” experience for him and his family. The charges against him were dropped on May 29, something he said can help begin the process of moving past the incident.

Still, he noted that he and his friends have been able to joke about the arrest, too.

“But yeah, I think that’s part of just having good friends,” Scheffler said during his press conference. “If all they did was make fun of me, it would be different. It wouldn’t be as fun. But they’re great guys, and they’re great friends. So you’ve got to be able to look in the mirror and laugh at yourself, too. Like I said, I don’t love reliving it, but sometimes being able to laugh about it is a good skill, too.

“When they make jokes, it’s definitely hard not to laugh, especially with some of my good buddies, they’re pretty funny with it.”