Study: Top Challenges for Romanian Parents: Communication, Stress

Study: Top Challenges for Romanian Parents: Communication, Stress

The latest Reveal Marketing Research study explored the motivations, perceptions, and feelings of Romanians about parenting, along with the challenges of raising children in modern society.

56% of Romanian parents report improved family dynamics after having children, while 28% believe it worsened.

According to the latest Reveal Marketing Research study, 65% of Romanians consider having two children ideal, while 12% prefer having just one.

However, the data show a different reality: most Romanian parents have only one child (56%). This trend is more pronounced in urban areas (61% vs. 49% in rural areas), whereas the percentage of parents with two children is higher in rural areas (38% vs. 32% in urban areas).

Additionally, in a society characterized by modernity, changes, and uncertainties, more young people are delaying parenthood. Only 29% of young people aged 18-24 have children, with the percentage rising to 54% for those aged 25-34.

Most Romanian parents (56%) report improved family dynamics after having children, 28% say it worsened, and for 16%, it remained unchanged.

Among the 28% who feel family dynamics worsened, women (35%) experience more difficulties than men (17%). Young parents aged 25-34 (39%) and those with children aged 0-6 (37%) also report more challenges.

The most expensive aspects of raising a child are education (72%), clothing and footwear (66%), nutrition (59%), and extracurricular activities (53%).

When deciding whether to have children, Romanians are influenced by personal desire (46%), financial stability (27%), health (24%), and career or personal development (17%).

The desire to have children is more pronounced in women (51% vs. 40% of men), while financial stability is significantly more important for men (31% vs. 23% of women). Parents are primarily motivated by a personal desire to have children (64%), whereas those without children prioritize financial stability (34%) and career or personal development (27%).

Opinions on the average monthly cost of raising a child vary: 36% of Romanians estimate it to be over 2000 RON, 33% between 1000 and 2000 RON, and 28% between 500 and 1000 RON.

Demographically, women (41% vs. 31% of men) and urban residents (39% vs. 32% in rural areas) are more likely to believe that a monthly income of over 2000 RON is necessary to raise a child.

The most expensive aspects in raising a child include education (72%), clothing and footwear (66%), nutrition (59%) and extracurricular activities (53%). Those with high incomes, over 8000 RON, mention in a significantly higher proportion extracurricular activities as the most expensive in raising a child (63% vs. 53% total sample).

1 June 2024: Celebrating Children’s Day in Romania

For 74% of parents, Children’s Day is a celebration of their children and the joy of parenthood, while 19% see it as just an ordinary day.

When it comes to plans for Children’s Day this year, 45% of parents will spend time with family, 20% plan to buy gifts, and 19% are considering attending public events dedicated to children.

Regarding attitudes and perceptions, 74% view Children’s Day as a time to celebrate children and enjoy being parents, 19% see it as an ordinary day, and 7% see it as a time to reflect on parenting responsibilities.

Challenges Faced by Romanian Parents

The main challenges for Romanian parents are communicating with children (55%) and managing stress (54%). Emotional challenges include:

Communication and understanding with children (55%)
Managing stress and fatigue (54%)
Balancing personal and professional life (40%)
Managing the relationship with a life partner (35%)

Women are more likely to struggle with managing stress and fatigue (60% vs. 43% of men), especially those with young children aged 0-6 (65%) and those living in urban areas (60% vs. 44% in rural areas).

Emotions and Parenthood

Positive feelings associated with parenthood include happiness (65%), pride (52%), and gratitude (39%). Negative feelings such as worry (38%) and stress (19%) are more common among urban parents (worry: 41% vs. 32% rural; stress: 21% vs. 16% rural).

Expressing Love and Gratitude

Parents show love and gratitude to their children through:

Words of encouragement and affection (70%)
Spending quality time together (60%)
Providing emotional and educational support (57%)
Giving gifts and surprises (34%)

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