Thai Drama A Love So Beautiful Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: Why Did Dew Jirawat’s Mother Return?

Thai Drama A Love So Beautiful Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: Why Did Dew Jirawat’s Mother Return?

Dew Jirawat, Took Chanokwanun, and Prim Chanikarn in A Love So Beautiful episode 2 (Photo Credit: GMMTV)

The new Thai drama A Love So Beautiful released episode 2 on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 8:30 p.m. ICT on GMM25. The episode takes viewers back to Chadjen (Dew Jirawat Sutivanichsak) and Som-O’s (Prim Chanikarn Tangkabodee) high school days.

Episode 2 of A Love So Beautiful begins with Tao running late to his swimming training. The coach then orders him to do pushups as his punishment. He then introduces the new team member, Chadjen, who is also running late on his first day. Later, during practice, Tao and Chadjen finish in a tie. Coach Yut scolds his son, Tao, and says he has no choice but to win. The former then orders the latter to clean the locker room as, to him, a tie means a loss.

Later, during class, the teacher informs the students about the upcoming Father’s Day event and asks them to invite their dads. When Khao asks Chadjen if he’ll invite his dad, the latter spaces out. Furthermore, the teacher tells the highest scorer, Chadjen, to help Som-O redo her assignment as she got just one point.

The two then run into Chadjen’s mom, who discusses her son’s grades with the teacher. The following flashback reveals that Chadjen’s mother had asked Som-O’s parents to look after him for a few years when she left for Paris, and Chadjen wanted to stay.

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As Chadjen rushes out of the teachers’ room, Som-O follows him. The latter then asks the former what his mother is doing at school. However, Chadjen refuses to talk and walks away after apologizing. Later, Tao invites Som-O, New, and Khao to watch him and Chadjen participate in a competition over the weekend. Furthermore, the students celebrate the Father’s Day event at school.

Thai Drama A Love So Beautiful episode 2 recap: What happened to Dew Jirawat’s father?

Further, in A Love So Beautiful episode 2, during a meal, Som-O’s father asks Chadjen when he will hold his dad’s memorial service. When he says Saturday, Som-O reminds him about the swimming competition. However, Chadjen says that he will be at the service.

Som-O’s parents and she then tell Chadjen they will attend. Later, Chadjen’s mom, too, says she wishes to join. On the day of the competition, Khao and New ask Som-O why Chadjen isn’t there. She holds back the truth and says he has an errand to run instead. The friends then cheer for Tao, who takes the lead.

Despite Tao winning the competition, his dad isn’t satisfied with the result. He tells Tao to forget about joining the national team if he can’t break his record. The coach adds that the result means nothing as Chadjen didn’t join the competition. Later, Tao asks Som-O to exchange her banner with his gold medal.

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After the competition, Som-O rushes to the temple for Chadjen’s dad’s memorial service and takes the friends along. Khao apologizes to the latter for asking about his dad earlier. Furthermore, Som-O tries to cook Chadjen’s favorite food for him. Meanwhile, the former’s mom helps her with cooking.

Elsewhere, Chadjen’s mom apologizes for not attending the service. When Som-O takes the food to their house, she overhears Chadjen telling his mother that he doesn’t want to go. However, his mother says he is giving up on a good future because of the past. She then says she wants Chadjen to have a bright future.

The following flashback shows little Chadjen waiting for his mom after his swimming class. His dad gets there, and Chadjen asks to go with him as his mom is running late. But he says he can’t take him as Chadjen’s mom and dad separated.

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Nonetheless, his dad says he’d visit Chadjen at the pool. He kept the promise as he came to meet his son every time until one day he didn’t. Chadjen then found out his dad had left him forever. In the present day, Chadjen’s mother says she has to work so hard to support him and his brother after the debt his father left behind. As a result, she doesn’t have much time for him.

Chadjen’s mother then forces him to go to France with her and hands the papers. However, he says his goal is to go to med school here. Later, Chadjen finds the food Som-O cooked for him outside his house. She added a note which said, “Your favorite dish is hard to make.” The following flashback shows little Chadjen and his father’s emotional moment.

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