The Atypical Family Actor Jang Ki-Yong Announces 2024 Asia Fan Meeting ‘Beautiful Day’

The Atypical Family Actor Jang Ki-Yong Announces 2024 Asia Fan Meeting ‘Beautiful Day’

Jang Ki-Yong (Photo Credit: The Chosunilbo JNS | Imazins via Getty Images)

The Atypical Family cast member Jang Ki-Yong’s agency, YG Entertainment, announced that the actor will embark on his 2024 Asia Fan Meeting Tour, ‘Beautiful Day.’ The tour will start in Seoul in August 2024 and proceed to six more cities globally, including Tokyo, Osaka, Manila, and others. As of now, the agency has announced the official schedule and dates. However, there is no information about the ticket release window or the prices just yet. 

Jang Ki-Yong earned significant attention after his appearance in the popular JTBC K-drama The Atypical Family. The series, which premiered on both JTBC and Netflix, documented the story of a family with superpowers and their encounter with a mysterious woman. The drama quickly climbed up on the charts, garnering a fan base for its storyline, cast, and characters. 

The Atypical Family’s Jang Ki-Yong 2024 Asia Fan Meeting ‘Beautiful Day’ details explored

On Thursday, June 13, 2024, YG Entertainment announced Jang Ki-Yong’s 2024 Asia Fan Meeting, ‘Beautiful Day.’ The tour will start in August, following which the actor will meet his global fans in five more cities worldwide. The title of the fan meeting, “Beautiful Day,” expresses the actor’s excitement and desire to meet with fans and create memories. This event marks Jang Ki-Yong’s first meeting with fans since his last fan meeting, “Filmography,” in 2019.

Check out the dates for Jang Ki-Yong’s Asia tour below.

August 3, 2024: Seoul, South Korea

August 18, 2024: Tokyo, Japan

August 20, 2024: Osaka, Japan

September 14, 2024: Bangkok, Thailand

September 21, 2024: Taipei, Taiwan

September 28, 2024: Manila, Philippines

Jang Ki-Yong essayed the role of Bok Gwi-Joo in the JTBC K-drama The Atypical Family. The character had time-slip abilities, but he lost his powers due to a traumatic event in his life. Eventually, he crosses paths with a mysterious woman named Do Da-Hae (Chun Woo-Hee) and falls in love with her. The actor’s emotional and mature acting, coupled with his portrayal as a father, struck a chord with fans.

The teaser poster for the 2024 Asia Fan Meeting teases Jang Ki-Yong with his eyes closed, leaning against a window with sunlight basking on his face. The actor’s smile indicates his anticipation to meet fans.

Stay tuned for more updates about his fan meeting.

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