The Chosen: Is It Renewed or Canceled? How Many Seasons Will There Be?

The Chosen: Is It Renewed or Canceled? How Many Seasons Will There Be?

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Following the release of The Chosen Season 4, viewers are wondering whether The Chosen has been renewed or canceled and how many seasons the religious historical drama series will have. Created by Dallas Jenkins, the series revolves around the life of Jesus in Judaea and Galilee. Because of its popularity, there is considerable interest in the show’s future beyond Season 4.

Here is everything we have discovered on whether The Chosen has been canceled or renewed and how many episodes the Chosen will have in total.

Is The Chosen canceled or renewed after Season 4?

The Chosen has been renewed after Season 4.

According to a March 2024 report by Variety, production for Season 5 was slated to begin in early April 2024 in Utah. After filming there for six weeks, the cast and crew were scheduled to move to Midlothian, Texas, the location of the production’s home base.

Production for Season 5 of The Chosen is currently underway, with a release date yet to be announced.

How many seasons of The Chosen will there be?

The Chosen will have seven seasons in total.

The fifth season will reportedly focus on the Holy Week, exploring the seven days of Christ’s life before his crucifixion. Speaking to Variety, the series’ co-writer, Tyler Thompson, explained what viewers could expect in the upcoming season.

He said, “The response to Season 4 has been overwhelming so far, which provides a nice lift for us as we head into filming,” Jenkins stated. “Of course, we’re about to try to portray the most famous week in the history of humans, so the euphoria from the previous season never lasts long. The entire Season 6 will cover one day, so covering one week in Season 5 feels luxurious.”

The one day Jenkins mentioned is likely the day of the crucifixion. If that’s the case, Season 7 can potentially delve into the days after Christ’s death and his eventual resurrection. However, the prospect of exploring the resurrection on screen adds another layer of intrigue for fans eagerly awaiting The Chosen’s final chapter.

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