The new Apple Pencil Pro is on sale for the first time since launch

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The Apple Pencil Pro is currently on sale for $119 on Amazon, or $10 lower than its original price. While that’s not a massive discount, it’s the first time the new iPad accessory has gone on sale since it came out in mid-May. If you’ve been looking to get the model as soon as possible, this is a great chance to at least get it at a lower price than usual. The Apple Pencil Pro comes equipped with a sensor that can recognize squeezes, which can bring up tool palettes, activate shortcuts and do other actions. A haptic engine then delivers tangible feedback to serve as confirmation for each gesture and action you perform. You can also change the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tool by rotating the barrel of the stylus. 

The Apple Pencil lineup can be a bit confusing, seeing as you now have four models to choose from that work with different iPad models. Apple’s Pencil Pro works with latest iPads, namely the 11- and 13-inch iPad Air (M2), and the 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro (M4), so it’s the one to get if you’re also buying one of the company’s newest tablets. To note, the new stylus retains the second-gen Pencil’s shape and matte finish, though it’s a bit lighter. And it still pairs and charges magnetically with compatible iPads. In addition, the new Apple Pencil works with the company’s Find My network. If it’s not attached to an iPad, and you misplace it, you can simply log into Apple’s Find My and track it down.

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