‘The View’ praises Supreme Court for abortion pill ruling days after blasting justices: ‘Does restore…faith’

‘The View’ praises Supreme Court for abortion pill ruling days after blasting justices: ‘Does restore…faith’

“The View” co-hosts offered rare praise for the Supreme Court on Thursday after it ruled unanimously against a challenge to the abortion pill.

“It’s nice to hear good news about the Supreme Court for a change,” co-host Joy Behar said.

“It does restore a little bit of my faith in the court,” fellow co-host Sunny Hostin confessed. “Because the legal standard is, do you have standing to bring a case? Can anybody bring a case in front of the Supreme Court? No. You have to prove that you have injuries resulting from it and so you’ve got a group of doctors and a group of citizens and all of these people bring this challenge to the FDA and say, we don’t want this pill.”

Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against a challenge to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulatory approval process of the abortion drug mifepristone, saying the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue the government. 


Hostin praised Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Thomas for following “black-letter law” by agreeing that the challengers lacked standing. However, she was still concerned about abortion rights still being largely decided by the states.

Co-host Sara Haines agreed with Hostin that it was a “reminder and an example” of how we should have “faith in the process.” 

“We focus so much on the hot topics, on the results, rather than the legal reasoning and always call the judges conservative or liberal. It’s about the interpretation of the law, so reminding ourselves to have faith in this judicial [system], especially the Supreme Court, because it’s easy to attack them like regular politicians, but we need to remain faithful in our institutions. That’s why so many of us are scared,” she said.

Ana Navarro and Behar were more skeptical and suggested that another plaintiff with standing could bring a similar case against the FDA over the abortion pill.


“If these had been plaintiffs that had standing and the issue had been in front of the Supreme Court, God only knows,” Navarro said.

“I don’t trust the whole thing,” Behar agreed. “I don’t trust the courts. I don’t trust the extreme religious right…They want us in the kitchen with 10 kids that we can’t feed.”

Despite their praise, “The View” co-hosts have repeatedly attacked the Supreme Court as partisan and biased on the political talk show.

Just two days ago, Behar defended leaked recordings of Justice Alito and his wife, saying she was OK with the recordings shared with the media because the conservative justices needed to be “exposed.”

“The Supreme Court at the moment is so biased and so pro-theocracy in what you saw that we just watched that somebody has to expose them because they are running around arrogant, and they have the whole GOP on their side, and we’re losing the Supreme Court’s objectivity and somebody needs to expose them,” Behar said.

Hostin also said on an episode in March that she was “disappointed” by the high court for behaving in a “partisan manner.”