Tina Knowles on how Beyoncé dealt with childhood bullies

Tina Knowles on how Beyoncé dealt with childhood bullies

Tina Knowles – the mother of Beyoncé has revealed how the pop superstar dealt with bullies during her childhood.

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Speaking to Vogue in a recent interview, Knowles opened up about what Beyoncé, her sister Solange and Kelly Rowland were like when they were children. She shared a clip of the interview on her Instagram account where she was asked about her favourite memories from when her children were young.

She explained: “With Beyoncé, she was very shy and she got bullied a bit,” she began. “But, the day that she stood up for someone – she didn’t stand up for herself – but she stood up for them, I couldn’t have been more proud of her.”


She continued: “Solange was her signing a petition in school. She was only in like fifth grade and she was out getting petitions signed so she has always been an activist. And Kelly was always this kid that just tried to protect everybody. I have a memory of her with her best friend Barbra and her being mediators and just being a little peacemaker”

The caption for her post read: “Each child is different! But all so special. I believe kids are born with their personalities. My three girls All handled things very differently. Learn their personalities and respect the individuality. Never compare the negatives , always praise the positive differences and pay attention to the things that you can brag on about them. They love it and it encourages positive behavior.”

In other news, Beyoncé was recently hit with a copyright lawsuit over her hit song ‘Break My Soul’, as per Rolling Stone.

The filing has been put forward by a New Orleans group called Da Showstoppaz, who claim that the pop star is guilty of copyright infringement with her hit ‘Renaissance’ track.

A spokesperson for Beyoncé did not respond to Rolling Stones’ request for comment. It appears that Bey licensed the sample of the Big Freedia track ‘Explode’ legally, meaning that the alleged infringement on Da Showstoppaz would have been accidental.

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