Useless but Fun home brew packages

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Hello Folks, It’s Antonio here, CEO at Litlyx.

I was having fun on home brew back in the days. I leave here a useless list of packages that are fun. Enjoy

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Top 50 Useless but Fun Homebrew Packages

1. cowsay

Transform your terminal into a speaking cow.

brew install cowsay

2. sl

Celebrate your typos by watching a locomotive drive through your terminal.

brew install sl

3. cmatrix

Turn your terminal into the Matrix’s falling green characters.

brew install cmatrix

4. fortune

Get a random, usually humorous, quote each time you open a terminal session.

brew install fortune

5. toilet

Make your terminal output large text banners with a variety of fonts.

brew install toilet

6. oneko

A cat that chases your mouse cursor around your screen.

brew install oneko

7. bb

ASCII art demo to impress your friends.

brew install bb

8. lolcat

Add rainbow colors to your terminal output.

brew install lolcat

9. nyancat

Watch a loop of the Nyan Cat animation in your terminal.

brew install nyancat

10. pipes-sh

Generates random pipes in your terminal for a nostalgic screensaver effect.

brew install pipes-sh

11. rig

Generate fake addresses, names, and other information.

brew install rig

12. ponysay

A fun variant of cowsay with ponies.

brew install ponysay

13. aafire

Display a burning fire in your terminal using ASCII art.

brew install aafire

14. asciiquarium

Enjoy a lively aquarium in your terminal.

brew install asciiquarium

15. xkcdpass

Generate XKCD style passwords.

brew install xkcdpass

16. espeak

A software speech synthesizer for your terminal.

brew install espeak

17. figlet

Create ASCII text banners in various fonts.

brew install figlet

18. asciiville

Generate a cityscape in ASCII art.

brew install asciiville

19. s-tui

Monitor your CPU temperature in a terminal UI.

brew install s-tui

20. htop

An interactive process viewer for Unix systems.

brew install htop

21. boxes

Draw boxes around your terminal text.

brew install boxes

22. tmux

Terminal multiplexer that allows switching between several programs in one terminal.

brew install tmux

23. jp2a

Convert JPEG images to ASCII art.

brew install jp2a

24. neofetch

Display system information with an aesthetic touch.

brew install neofetch

25. toilet

A better version of figlet for creating ASCII text banners.

brew install toilet

26. rig

Generate fake identities.

brew install rig

27. vitetris

A terminal-based Tetris game.

brew install vitetris

28. weechat

A terminal-based IRC client.

brew install weechat

29. lynx

A text-based web browser.

brew install lynx

30. nethack

A single-player dungeon exploration game.

brew install nethack

31. zsh

An extended version of the Bourne Shell with many improvements.

brew install zsh

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33. cmatrix

The classic “Matrix” screensaver for your terminal.

brew install cmatrix

34. cowsay

A configurable speaking cow.

brew install cowsay

35. gti

A git launcher that performs amusing animations.

brew install gti

36. gitlol

Humorous git commands.

brew install gitlol

37. img2txt

Convert images to text.

brew install img2txt

38. cbonsai

Grow a bonsai tree in your terminal.

brew install cbonsai

39. steamlocomotive

A steam locomotive animation in your terminal.

brew install sl

40. pipes

Generates random pipes in your terminal.

brew install pipes-sh

41. rig

Generates random fake identities.

brew install rig

42. k9s

Kubernetes CLI to manage your clusters.

brew install k9s

43. bat

A cat clone with wings.

brew install bat

44. tldr

Simplified and community-driven man pages.

brew install tldr

45. nnn

A fast and friendly terminal file browser.

brew install nnn

46. ranger

A console file manager with VI key bindings.

brew install ranger

47. mc

Midnight Commander, a visual file manager.

brew install mc

48. ncdu

Disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface.

brew install ncdu

49. fzf

A command-line fuzzy finder.

brew install fzf

50. jq

Command-line JSON processor.

brew install jq

Love from Litlyx