Venom 3: Is Juno Temple Playing Scream? Symbiote Powers Explained

Venom 3: Is Juno Temple Playing Scream?  Symbiote Powers Explained

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The trailer for Venom: The Last Dance just dropped, and it features glimpses of Juno Temple’s character. Fans are buzzing with excitement, wondering if she will become Scream. MCU fans are also curious to know if Scream will play the villain.

So, will Juno Temple’s character in Venom 3 bond with a symbiote and become Scream? What is Scream capable of doing? Here are all your queries answered.

Is Juno Temple playing the Scream symbiote in Venom 3: The Last Dance?

Juno Temple is playing a character named Dr. Payne in Venom: The Last Dance. In the comics, Dr. Payne was not a host of the Scream symbiote.

However, the trailer showed Temple’s Dr. Payne with yellow symbiotes, hinting at the possibility that she could bond with one of them and become Scream. This wouldn’t be entirely surprising, since movie and television adaptations of comics have strayed a bit from source material. For instance, making Ego the Living Planet Star-Lord’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 even though they have no familial relationship in the comics.

Is Scream a villain or a hero in Venom 3?

It is currently unknown if Scream will be a villain or a hero in Venom 3. Fans will have to wait until the film drops in theaters to find out.

In the comic books, Scream has played both villainous and antiheroic roles, depending on its host. The Scream symbiote has bonded with three different hosts: Donna Diego, Patricia Robertson, and Andi Benton.

What are Scream’s powers and abilities in Venom: The Last Dance?

As a direct offspring of Venom in the comics, Scream possesses abilities similar to Venom’s, including wall-crawling, superhuman strength, speed, agility, regeneration, and immunity to Spider-Man’s spider-sense. Additionally, she can manipulate her biomass to form wings, giving her the power to fly. Scream is also capable of using her long hair as a weapon to entrap and throw enemies around.

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