Welcome to my Dev Diary.

RMAG news

Heyy there, welcome to my tech progress diary. I shall be posting my progress here, instead of LinkedIn. LinkedIn will be for important and major announcements, God-willing.

Today, Tuesday 28th May 2024, has been yet another good day. I have been working on a next JS application and I managed to add a header and footer to the project. I also understood how to work with tailwind. The website is not looking cute yet though. Once it does I shall upload it over here :-).

In addition, I was researched on how to build an AI chat bot. I hope to work on the chat bot tomorrow.

I usually read for a school unit as well, computer organisation. Today I read ahead, on number systems. The topic touches on binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numbers and conversion from one form to the other. I have learnt the unit before in a mobile app development class I took in Strathmore. But it was still really interesting to me revisiting the topic.

If I get time tomorrow I shall upload a coding tip that has really helped me today. Thanks for reading :-).