What Did the Autopsy Report on Young Woman Killed by Bear Revealed?

What Did the Autopsy Report on Young Woman Killed by Bear Revealed?

The 19-yo young woman who died after being attacked by a bear on Jepii Mici trail suffered numerous external and internal injuries, caused both by the animal’s attack and the fall from a height, according to the results of the Medico-legal examination. The bear that attacked her is a 4-5-year-old female that did not suffer from rabies, according to the analyzes carried out by the Prahova Forensic Medicine Service.

The head of the Prahova Forensic Medicine Service, doctor Vasile Drăghici said that both the injuries caused by the animal and those caused by the fall from a height could have led to the death of the victim.

The bear that attacked the girl was a female approximately 4-5 years old, and the analyzes made by the authorities indicate that it was not rabid, the director of DSVSA Prahova, George Stratulat said. According to him, the bear had no cubs and was not in heat, according to the results of the anatomical-pathological examination.

The 19-year-old girl, who was on the mountain with her friend, was attacked by a bear on Tuesday, later falling into a ravine, where her body was also found. The bear, which was aggressive and tried to attack the rescuers as well, was killed, the incident being brought to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The young woman’s death has reignited discussions related to the management of the problem of bears, whose number has grown uncontrollably, which descends into localities and attacks people.

The Minister of the Environment, Mircea Fechet, declared on Wednesday, after this tragedy, that the brown bear population in Romania is out of control, and their relocation is not a solution. The minister specified that in his opinion, bears that approach human communities must be managed by euthanasia or shooting and announced that he will propose by an order to increase the harvesting quotas, to a number of 500 specimens, the current number, of 220 copies, being insufficient.

However, among the first measures taken after this case were announced by state company Romsilva, namely it will increase measures to monitor bears, especially in tourist areas and mentioned that warning signs will be installed regarding the presence of wild animals and that monitoring cameras will be installed in risk areas.

On the hundred hunting grounds managed by the National Forestry Authority, where bears live, there are three times more bears than would be optimal.

Romsilva conveyed that the general director of the institution, Dan Sîiulescu, ordered, on Thursday, the intensification of measures to monitor the bear population in the hunting funds that the directorate manages, especially in the tourist areas with risk.

The measures were adopted following the increase in the bear population, the change in the behavior of this species and the increasingly frequent interaction with people. Thus, the tourist routes most exposed to the interaction between humans and bears will be identified and carefully monitored, warning signs regarding the presence of bears will be placed on these tourist routes that overlap with the state forest fund administered by Romsilva, as well as recommendations to prevent and avoid dangerous situations. Fauna monitoring cameras with instant transmission of images will also be installed on these tourist routes, in the risk areas, for the real-time identification of the presence of bears in the areas of the developed routes, frequented by tourists“, Romsilva said.

The representatives of the directorate specified that the hunting foresters from the hunting funds managed by Romsilva, after analyzing these images, will urgently notify the competent authorities of the potential risk situations that have arisen.

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