What is cloud computing ?

What is cloud computing ?

In simple words, cloud computing is delivery of resource, IT environments that enable on-demand services like computing, storage, networking, which can be accessed over the Internet using a cloud provider.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Being able to implement technology services in a short time, being able to expand activities to new geographic regions.

You provision the amount of resources actually needed, being able to increase or decrease the amount of resources that will be needed.

Cost savings
Expenses are equivalent only to the IT consumed

Types of Cloud Computing

(IaaS) = infrastructure as a service
Instead of physically purchasing and managing servers, companies can rent these resources from a cloud provider such as: Virtual Servers, Operating Systems, Storage

(PaaS)= plataform as a service
Deliver development environments so that developers can create and manage applications. PaaS allows companies to focus on software development while the cloud provider manages the infrastructure. ex: azure, aws, heroku

(SaaS)= software as a service
software distribution where applications are hosted by a service provider and made available over the internet, and can be accessed via the web such as: netflix, google drive, dropbox