10 tips for planting the perfect flower bed in front of your house

10 tips for planting the perfect flower bed in front of your house

Gardening is relaxing and often creates a beautiful aesthetic for your yard. If you don’t have space for a traditional garden or simply want to spice up your outdoor decor, a flower bed in front of your house is an excellent option and can help boost curb appeal. Still, there are numerous tips worth considering when planting your flower bed.

How do you start a flower bed in front of your house?

Identify your garden’s border: If you want a simple rectangular or square flower bed, you can use a yardstick and non-toxic spray paint to identify your garden’s edge. If you want your flower bed to be a rounded, organic shape, you can use a garden hose to determine the shape and size. Once you’ve identified the shape and size, spray the outline of the garden hose with non-toxic spray paint.
Remove grass from your flower bed: Use a shovel or trowel to remove the grass from the flower bed. Be sure to remove all weeds and grass. Lay down landscaping fabric to avoid weeds popping up in the future.
Prepare the soil: If you’re using a contained flower bed, ensure it has proper drainage. Use a mixture of organic material and nutrients for your flowers. Your yard’s soil may be adequate for growing flowers, but you’ll likely need to add a potting mix with nutrients. Adding a layer of topsoil gives your plants a good base for growth.
Consider the sunlight: It’s important to consider how much sunlight your flower bed will get throughout the day. Your house will provide shade for roughly half the day. Choose flowers that thrive with the amount of sunlight they’ll receive in front of your home. Plant taller plants closer to your home and shorter plants closer to the edge of the garden bed — this ensures your flowers receive adequate light and makes them easier to see from the sidewalk.
Choose the right flowers: Consider buying annuals if you want to replace your flowers as the seasons change. On the other hand, choose perennials if you want flowers that will last from year to year.
Choose the right colors: Choosing flowers with complementary colors is essential. Using warm colors creates a vibrant palette that looks great in front of most homes. Monochromatic palettes featuring all white flowers look great in the moonlight.
Consider upcycling: You don’t have to buy brand-new materials to create a raised bed. Many people use bricks, concrete blocks and stones that would otherwise go unused. Bricks and stones provide a unique aesthetic and adequate drainage for your flower bed. In some cases, people use upcycled metal roofing or pallet boards to build a raised bed. Window frames are a popular option for those that need a cold frame for their garden.
Use the right tools: If you’re building a flower bed frame from scratch, make sure you have a quality drill to drive screws through the wood. Ensure you have gloves to protect your hands from potentially dangerous twigs and roots when pulling weeds. Buying gardening tools with longer handles prevents you from having to bend over excessively. If you are working on your knees, consider using knee pads, a yoga mat or a kneeling mat to prevent knee injuries.
Space your flowers out: Most flowers need room to grow correctly. The seed packets should indicate how much space you need to leave around your flowers.
Consider transplants: If you have trouble starting seeds, consider buying transplants instead. When using transplants, make sure the flowers’ crowns are level with the soil. If you plant the crown too high, the plant will dry out — if you plant the crown too low, the plant may rot.

Best products for planting a flower bed in front of your house

Black and Decker 20V Max PowerConnect Cordless Drill

This Black and Decker drill is ideal for driving screws and making holes in your raised bed. This set includes nearly any bit you’d need to build a raised bed. It is lightweight, cordless and easy to use. Its multi-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws, making it ideal for those using upcycled wood.

Fiskars Four-Claw Weeder

It’s ideal for removing weeds and grass from your flower bed. The long handle prevents excessive bending over, and you can use it with two hands. This can be purchased with or without a garden bag. Users felt this device was sturdy when used appropriately.

ProPad Thick Kneeling Pad

This is extra-thick, comfortable and easy to move around. This may be a bit too firm for those with arthritic knees, but most users were thrilled with its sturdiness. It’s available in 10 colors.

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