Apple made an iPad calculator app after 14 years

Apple made an iPad calculator app after 14 years

Image: Apple

The iPad is finally getting a Calculator app as part of iPadOS 18. The long-requested app was just announced by Apple at WWDC 2024.

On its face, the app looks a lot like the calculator you might be familiar with from iOS. But it also supports Apple Pencil, meaning that you can write down math problems and the app will solve them thanks to a feature Apple calls Math Notes.

The arrival of Calculator for iPad isn’t a total surprise, as rumors surfaced earlier this year that the app would be coming to Apple’s tablets. But it’s nice that the app is finally on the way, especially after Apple added a Weather app to iPad two years ago with iPadOS 16.

iPadOS 18 also includes a feature called Smart Script that makes your handwriting easier to…

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