Apple unveils its own Google Magic Eraser tool – Clean Up –at WWDC 2024

Apple unveils its own Google Magic Eraser tool – Clean Up –at WWDC 2024

Just last month, Google finally rolled out its suite of AI photo editing tools in Google Photos to iPhone users.

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced that a few of those AI photo features – including the popular Magic Eraser tool – are now going to be directly built into iOS 18.

Clean Up tool

Apple’s version of Magic Eraser is called Clean Up and works pretty much the same way as Google’s tool.

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A user simply has to open up the Photos app, go to a picture, and then circle or highlight a person or object that’s unwanted in the photo with the Clean Up tool. Apple’s eraser tool will remove the element in the photo and make the edit unnoticeable via AI. It’ll look like that person or object was never in the photo to begin with.

Natural language search

Another big AI media feature coming to the Photos app that was announced at WWDC 2024 is natural language search. This tool is really going to make it easier to find specific pictures and videos in an age where we photograph and film everything. 

Credit: Apple

Basically, natural language search allows users to search for a specific photo or video by typing exactly what they’re looking for in their natural language.

No need to type in awkward keywords and hoping that the media turns up based on its file name, tag, or even text that was found within the photo. If a user is searching for that picture of their child catching fireflies in a field, they can type out exactly that and Apple’s AI will find photos and even videos depicting their kid catching fireflies in a field. This won’t just come in handy for parents looking for old family photos but also for filmmakers, photographers, and other creatives looking for specific shots or takes.

Apple announced quite a few AI-related features coming in the latest iOS 18 update. However, these photo and video related ones seem like the ones with the most everyday utility and ones we are particularly looking forward to.

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