Apple’s WatchOS 11 makes it easier keep track of your vitals

Apple’s WatchOS 11 makes it easier keep track of your vitals

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is here, bringing with it major updates to all of Apple’s biggest operating systems. That includes updates to the Apple Watch operating system, WatchOS 11, which will be available to Apple Watch models later this year.

First up are updates to workout modes. For example, Apple has added a new Training Mode, which will give users a rating based on their activity, and allow users to see their average effort and how their latest workouts compare. Apple is also giving users more control over their goals – letting users set different goals depending on the day or the week.

There’s a new Vitals app in the Apple Watch too. The app will pull together information about your heart, respiratory rate, temperature, and sleep. The app will also pull in other health-related information as it relates to changes to your vitals. For example, it’ll tell you how alcohol consumption or other factors could be related. Lastly, the Cycle Tracking feature is getting better support for pregnancy, showing the gestational period of a baby.

Widgets in WatchOS are getting smarter, too – and Apple will add widgets based on context. For example, it’ll show the precipitation widget when it might rain soon, or a translation widget if it knows that you’re traveling. And, the Smart Stack is getting Live Activities, which developers can build into.

Even watch faces are getting more features. WatchOS 11 will now help users find good photos for the photos watch faces, based on things like the composition of the photo. Users will be able to tweak the colors of the photos in the face, too.

The features may not make for the biggest WatchOS update ever, but they are meaningfully helpful, and should allow users to keep better tabs on their health and fitness. WatchOS 11 will be available to users later this year, and the beta version of the operating system is out now.