Day 967 : Magnificence

Day 967 : Magnificence

liner notes:

Saturday : Whew… I’ve been getting to the station later and later. haha I need to correct that this week. Still, made it to the station and had a really good time. Not sure if it was because I was getting over a cold, but I was mad tired after the show. Took forever to get the show uploaded. The recording of this week’s show is at

Sunday : I had a pretty productive day while doing I coded up a proof of concept for an in-browser video application that creates a highlight video from video clips. I was in awe of its Magnificence! haha I can upload a video from my machine or use a URL from a particular site to use as the source video. Then I can add timestamps and then generate a video from the clips that have a gray scale filter applied. There’s a couple of things I want to add and it’ll be perfect for my usecase.

Professional : Pretty good day today. Helped out with a couple community questions. Got a past project up and running and started refactoring to use a new SDK. Also, booked flights for my next work trip. Hopefully I’ll get it approved quick so I can apply for the Visa.

Personal : So, I’ve been trying to figure how to add title cards to the beginning and ending of the generated video. I kind of got it working, but it messes up the video. It’s like it removes the audio and slows down the video. No clue. I’ll have to do more research. Once I get that working, that’s pretty much everything I want.

Going to go through some tracks for the radio show. I really want to figure out the adding text to the front and end of the video. I think I may have found some possible solutions. There is so much to learn and research with FFMPEG! Going to eat dinner and start.

Have a great night!

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