Doctor Who Scream of the Shalka: Is Richard E. Grant’s Version Canon?

Doctor Who Scream of the Shalka: Is Richard E. Grant’s Version Canon?

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Inspired by the British sci-fi show Doctor Who, Scream of the Shalka is a Flash-animated series. It boasts a captivating narrative and unique characters that have left a lasting impact on viewers. Recent events have sparked speculation among fans about the canonicity of the Doctor played by Richard E. Grant. Rest assured, this article will dispel any uncertainties and provide clarity on the matter.

Here’s everything you need to know about the appearance of Richard E. Grant’s Version Canon.

Is Richard E. Grant’s Doctor Who canon?

Richard E Grant’s Doctor unexpectedly reappears in the Doctor Who canon through a holographic cameo, bridging past and present narratives.

In Episode 6, titled ‘Rogue,’ Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday embark on what was meant to be a peaceful trip to a lavish Regency-era ball. However, they confront shape-shifting extraterrestrials and a relentless bounty hunter named Rogue. The Doctor finds himself in the crosshairs of Groff’s laser pistol and is suspected of posing a danger. Meanwhile, the Time Lord reveals a holographic projection featuring his previous incarnations.

Although ‘Rogue’ isn’t the first collaboration between Grant and episode writer Kate Herron, his sudden holographic appearance caught fans off guard. His animated rendition of the Doctor in Scream of the Shalka was envisioned as a successor to Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor within the Time Lord’s established narrative, per Screen Rant.

However, plans for further developments were halted with the green light for Davies’ revival. This led to Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor replacing Grant’s in the series’ timeline. Now, Grant’s Doctor has been reinstated into the canon. Albeit, it poses a question regarding the chronological placement of the “Shalka Doctor” within the Time Lord’s established timeline.

Furthermore, the notion of the Doctor serving unseen powers aligns the “Shalka Doctor” with Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor as a potential predecessor to William Hartnell’s incarnation. Yet, Grant’s Doctor also carries a sorrowful history intertwined with Gallifrey’s downfall, complicating efforts to position him within that era.

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