DRUID Launches Smart Virtual Assistant for Dacia Romania

DRUID Launches Smart Virtual Assistant for Dacia Romania

DRUID, the global company specialized in conversational solutions based on artificial intelligence, has successfully implemented a virtual assistant for Dacia Romania. This collaboration marks a significant reference point in the digitalization of the Dacia partner network, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to offering top customer service with the help of innovative technology.

The main point of the project is the virtual assistant developed to understand and answer users’ questions with human-like accuracy. By converting sentences in Romanian from various types of documents (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) into queries adapted for systems, the virtual assistant efficiently retrieves and provides the relevant information in a natural language.

The solution includes an easy-to-use web platform for assistant definition and configuration. It has its own natural language understanding module that recognizes user intents and entities and provides tools for creating, editing and training assistant responses. The innovative solution implemented underlines the company’s commitment to support excellence within the network of partners.

At the same time, DRUID proudly joins the Dacia brand in the portfolio of over 250 clients, marking this project as one of its flagship projects from 2023.

“We are extremely proud to collaborate with Dacia Romania. This project not only highlights our technological capabilities, but also our dedication to improving customer experiences through AI-based solutions,” said Liviu Dragan, CEO of DRUID.

Viorel Asaftei, Dacia Sales and Network Director for Southeast Europe, added: “The implementation of the virtual assistant from DRUID is proof of our continued commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By integrating this advanced technology, we ensure that our network of partners remains at the forefront of digital transformation, offering unparalleled services to our customers.”

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