iOS 18 gets a significant redesign: Dark Look, Control Center, and more announced at WWDC

iOS 18 gets a significant redesign: Dark Look, Control Center, and more announced at WWDC

At WWDC 2024, Apple revealed some design changes to iOS 18, including the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Control Center, offering users a more accessible way to control their iPhone’s settings through a customizable layout on iOS 18. 

This includes Dark Look, being able to personalize each app tile with different colours, and offering more options in the Control Center. Plus, the Photos app is getting a design change. The new look aims to give Apple device owners an easier time controlling and adjusting frequently used settings. Here’s what the change offers. 

iOS 18 redesign announced at WWDC

With iOS 18, you can now select apps and place them on the bottom along the dock or side for easy access. This is great for quickly accessing frequently used apps.

For dark mode fans, there is finally a new Dark Look for the Home Screen. You can bring up a new customization sheet and tint the Home Screen and each app with the new Dark Look, but you can also add an all-new color of your choosing. And that means any color. It lets users completely customize the look of their Home Screen, so it can match their wallpapers.

Control Center is also getting a big update. By swiping from the top-right corner, you can swipe down for even more controls, like music, home controls, specific apps, and more. All you have to do is continuously swipe to access even more controls. What’s more, you can add new controls by adding a new Control Gallery. Developers can add their own custom Control Center from various brands like Ford, Apple mentions.

These controls also apply to the Lock Screen, meaning you can easily change the flashlight icon to a note. Even better, the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro can also invoke these new controls

Moreover, iOS 18’s revamped Control Center also comes with a new music widget. It now spans the entire interface, with album art displayed for the current song being listened to. It aims to provide users better control over volume.

With iOS 18, the new Control Center allows users to customize controls seen on the interface. This lets them rearrange and remove specific buttons or system functions via the Settings app, offering a more personalized experience. 

iOS 18 Photos app redesign

Along with the new changes, the Photos app is getting a few changes. Expect a new filter button that lets you filter out screenshots, which is great for those that often take screenshots.

Credit: Apple

That’s not all, as the Recent Days gallery view can organizes photos in groups by days and trips. With this, you can also share whole collections of these photos.

For those that go on special trips, the Photos app also has a Trips section that will collect and compile photos from trips. Then, it automatically replays these photos in a neat video collection. You can pin this as your favorite section.

A new carousel will also highlight select moments that your iPhone deems the best content. What these photos will be? We’ll have to test it out.

iOS 18 is set to be widely available in September, with Apple Developer Program members getting access to the iOS 18 beta soon. For everything else announced at WWDC 2024, look no further. 

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