JTBC K-Drama Frankly Speaking Photos Tease Kang Han-Na’s Character

JTBC K-Drama Frankly Speaking Photos Tease Kang Han-Na’s Character

Kang Han-Na (Photo Credit: JTBC)

The upcoming JTBC K-drama Frankly Speaking, also known as No Secrets, released new photos, giving viewers a glimpse of lead Kang Han-Na’s character. The series, set to release on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 8:50 p.m. KST, follows the story of an anchor who believes in living life sincerely and truthfully. However, he soon develops an unusual condition that leaves him with no control over what he says.

Frankly Speaking will see Go Kyung-Pyo play the role of anchor Song Ki-Baek, who deals with the consequences of his newly developed condition. He crosses paths with a variety show writer, On Woo-Jo (played by Kang Han-Na). The newly released photos describe Kang Han-Na as a passionate variety show writer who believes in perfecting her work. The drama will air every Wednesday and Thursday, giving fans a mid-week boost.

Kang Han-Na is a passionate entertainment writer in JTBC K-drama Frankly Speaking

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, JTBC released still cuts of Kang Han-Na as an entertainment writer in the series. K-drama Frankly Speaking sees Kang Han-Na as a popular variety show writer, On Woo-Ju, who has been in the field for the past 12 years. She has a lot of work on her shoulders every day, including planning, casting, site management, and more. There are days when Woo-Ju is burnt out due to the pressure.

Some days, Woo-Ju feels the burden of her work pressure and calls the world “hellish.” However, she is also able to successfully cheer herself up with her positive mentality and healthy attitude. Woo-Ju remains passionate about her profession, but her world completely changes when she crosses paths with anchor/announcer Song Ki-Baek.

Ki-Baek suffers an electric shock that leaves him with no control of his tongue. A man who once lived his life sincerely now falls into uncomfortable situations because of his condition. On Woo-Ju entangles herself with his life while also managing her work. The photos showcase her various emotions at work. In the first picture, she looks happy and optimistic, while in the second photo, Woo-Ju looks concerned and in deep thought over something. The final photo teases her in the field with a camera focused on getting the best picture.

To watch her journey unfold, don’t forget to tune in to Frankly Speaking on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 8:50 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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