Romania refuses to license Huawei equipment for 5G applications

Romania refuses to license Huawei equipment for 5G applications

Romania has officially rejected a request filed by the Chinese telecommunications group Huawei, which wanted its equipment to be used in the 5G network in Romania, according to a decision published in the Official Journal. 

The government explained that this decision was “based on law 163/2021 regarding the adoption of measures related to information and communication infrastructures of national interest and the conditions for the implementation of 5G networks,” reported.

The law stipulates that communication providers will be able to use in 5G networks only technologies, equipment, and software from manufacturers authorized in advance by the decision of the prime minister, based on the approval of the National Defence Council (CSAT).

As well, the decision was based on the evaluations carried out by the institutions with responsibilities in the field, from the point of view of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to the national security and defense of the country and by referring to the obligations assumed by the Romanian state within the framework of cooperation at the level of international organizations of which Romania is a part, of the European Union and bilateral strategic partnerships.

A study commissioned by Huawei, carried out by the law firm Dentons and the consultancy Audytel, showed in 2021 that the Chinese company Huawei would lose EUR 2.7 billion if it were excluded from the telecommunications market in Romania with the implementation of the 5G law.

Last year, Romania authorized the Chinese company Lenovo as an equipment provider despite the legislation created precisely to prevent China from entering the market.

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