The Decameron Season 1 Streaming Release Date: When Is It Coming Out On Netflix?

The Decameron Season 1 Streaming Release Date: When Is It Coming Out On Netflix?

Photo Credit: Netflix

The Decameron Season 1 Netflix streaming release date is around the corner and viewers are wondering when they can start streaming the TV series.

The black comedy series is loosely based on the 14th-century collection of short stories of the same title by Giovanni Boccaccio. It follows the intense struggles of a group of individuals who try their best to survive amidst a dangerous pandemic known as the Black Death.

Here’s when the show is coming out on Netflix.

When is The Decameron Season 1 Netflix release date?

The Decameron Season 1 Netflix release date is Thursday, July 25, 2024.

According to Netflix, the series is set in 1348 when the Black Death starts consuming the residents of Florence forcing them to move to the Villa Santa village. The people come up with the idea of using sexual affairs and wine to wipe out the plague but the fight for survival is not going to be a cakewalk. The characters experience a series of overwhelming emotions like never before. The makers recently dropped a teaser of the series which hints at an intriguing Italian countryside drama.

The star cast features Zosia Mamet, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Tanya Reynolds, Amar Chadha-Patel, Leila Farzad, Lou Gala, and many others in key roles. Kathleen Jordan is the creator and executive producer of the show.

When is The Decameron Season 1 coming out via streaming?

The Decameron Season 1 is available to watch via streaming on Netflix on July 25, 2024. Viewers will be able to stream it at this time.

Current Netflix subscribers will be able to watch the series when it airs.

The Decameron’s official synopsis reads:

”Set in 1348 when the Black Death, the deadliest pandemic in human history that killed as many as 200 million people, strikes hard in Florence, a handful of nobles are invited to retreat with their servants to a grand villa in the Italian countryside and await the pestilence with a lavish holiday. But as social rules wear thin, what starts as a wine-soaked sex romp in the hills of Tuscany descends into an all-out scramble for survival.

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