‘The View’ co-hosts say they’re uncomfortable with Alito recordings, but concede someone has to ‘expose them’

‘The View’ co-hosts say they’re uncomfortable with Alito recordings, but concede someone has to ‘expose them’

“The View” co-hosts admitted on Tuesday that they had a problem with the secret recordings of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts because they could be “altered.”

Joy Behar said while she was uncomfortable with it, she also felt that somebody had to “expose” the conservative justices.

Alito and Roberts were recorded by liberal filmmaker Lauren Windsor, who was posing as a fan of the justices at a June 3 Supreme Court Historical Society dinner. Windsor shared the recordings on social media. 

“The Supreme Court at the moment is so biased and so pro-theocracy in what you saw that we just watched that somebody has to expose them because they are running around arrogant, and they have the whole GOP on their side, and we’re losing the Supreme Court’s objectivity and somebody needs to expose them,” Behar said. 


Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed, with a caveat.

“I am extremely disappointed at what I heard, but I also am not comfortable with snippets of tape recordings without consent being taken out of context,” Hostin said. She added that the co-hosts were taken out of context frequently in the news through short snippets and clips. 

“I’m uncomfortable with this sort of hit job, but I will say this: In my lifetime as an attorney, I never knew the religion of the Supreme Court justices. I never knew the political affiliations of the Supreme Court justices,” Hostin said. 

Co-host Sara Haines said Windsor was presenting the justices with leading questions.

“I don’t like how these tapes were obtained,” she said. “This woman presented as something she wasn’t, she lied, then she did this gotcha moment. I thought it was worse in the headlines than what I heard on the ground because I did listen to more of the tapes.” 


“It sounds like he’s being polite to this woman because she seems a little nutty, she’s leading every question, and he’s sitting there. Eventually he says, ‘the court has a limited role’ and Justice Roberts handled it like a pro,” Haines said. “They are allowed to be highly religious people and not adjudicate in that same vein.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg disagreed and said Windsor got out there and did what the co-hosts have been calling on Democrats to do. 

In one exchange, Windsor said people should fight “to return our country to a place of Godliness.” 

Alito responded, “I agree with you, I agree with you,” according to the recordings.