TMNT Mondo Gecko Soft Vinyl Figure Is Radical & Available to Preorder

TMNT Mondo Gecko Soft Vinyl Figure Is Radical & Available to Preorder

(Photo Credit: Mondo)

Mondo previously launched its soft vinyl line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures with Leonardo and Donatello. Now it is expanding with two more figures as Michelangelo and Mondo Gecko are getting 8-inch collectibles. ComingSoon recently got to go hands-on with a prototype of the latter, which is sure to be a great addition to any fan of the Turtles’ skateboarding friend.

What’s first apparent about the TMNT Mondo Gecko soft vinyl figure is how much personality is conveyed. From his wavy hair, torn shirt, and backward cap to his elbow and kneepads, the character is quite expressive in both his pose and clothing. From little touches, like the braces he has to his colorful eyes and skin color, it’s clear that an amazing amount of attention to detail was used. It’s sure to stick out as a highlight on the shelf of any collection.

There are multiple points of articulation of the Mondo Gecko figure. The character’s neck, arms, hands, legs, and tail all move. The highlight is the figure’s left arm as he’s doing a “rock on” symbol with his hand, which is best suited to being positioned high in the air. His right arm also has multiple uses, as it works by his side or positioned higher, where it can help hold the character’s detailed skateboard.

(Photo Credit: Mondo)(Photo Credit: Mondo)(Photo Credit: Mondo)(Photo Credit: Mondo)

Speaking of which, as much love went into the jet skateboard as to the main figure. The lengthy board works perfectly as a stand to position Mondo Gecko on or as a piece he is holding up. It features an engine on the back and a flaming skull design on the front. The wheels don’t actually move, but that’s a good thing as you’ll want the board staying stationary in your collection.

The figure is more based on the classic comic design than recent animated adaptations. This is a good thing as the character bleeds a fun mixture of late 80s and early 90s energy, which collide into being one of his best looks. While the Paul Rudd voiced character was a highlight of Mutant Mayhem, he was more comic relief than a cool creature, which makes this a great design and one you would want a figure of.

Where to buy the TMNT Mondo Gecko Soft Vinyl figure?

The TMNT Mondo Gecko soft vinyl figure is now available to preorder on the Mondo Shop for $105. It is estimated to ship in November 2024. The concept was designed by James Groman, while the sculpting was done by Brandon Gash and features painting by Mark Bristow.

Meanwhile, Mondo’s new Michelangelo figure is available for $90 and will ship in October 2024.

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